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Rogue Raiding: Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

This fight’s main challenge is posed to the raid leader and relies on his ability to make quick decisions on the fly for choosing slimes to kill. The overall abilities and strategies can be found *here*.

As a rogue, we are notoriously bad for target switching, so this boss can cause some issues. Combat rogues have the advantage for switching to a slime and back due to the faster cooldown on their Redirect and having a faster return of sprint to move back and forth.

You should pop your cooldowns fairly early in the fight before the slime’s spawn to get that extra dps in before having to switch targets. As soon as the slime’s spawn, pop sprint and get to it as fast as possible. I would suggest that you save redirect for when you return to the boss as opposed to on the slime *if* you are not combat specced, in which case you can probably use it both times.

Once the slimes connect with the boss, it is time to start popping Feint most likely. The red, green, yellow, and purple slimes all deal AOE damage which can be mitigated by Feint. Each individual slime needs to be addressed here, so I will split up what needs to be done for each:

Red-stack right on top of boss and you should not have to worry about popping feint if this is the only AOE slime going out.
Black- Lots of adds are going to spawn, Assassination shines here with FoK, but Blade Flurry does fairly well. Subtlety is pretty much out of luck here, but you should still be using FoK while there are still a good amount of adds alive.
Green- most likely you will need to be spread to max melee range in order to be far enough away from other people to avoid damage being spread. A simple /range 4 will let you know if you are too close to anyone. Feint if you are stuck in range with anyone in order to lower your damage taken, but you should not have to.
Yellow- if the healers are having issues, be sure to be popping Feint on CD for this slime to lower your damage. Hopefully you will get this one with black or red where you will be stacked in the mid for healer convenience, but it can be stuck with green occasionally.
Blue- You need to jump on that mana void as quick as possible to get it fairly low on health. Redirect back to boss after it gets low and let the range and healers finish it off. If Blue and Red slimes both hit, you will either need to let only range hit it or keep Feint up as much as possible while staying as close to the boss as you are able.
Purple – This slime should never be up, but in the off chance it does, I would listen to your healers “oh crap it’s going to pop” and hit feint when someone blows up to lower your damage taken.

Other than the slimes, just stay behind the boss and burn him hard. Rinse, Repeat, take loot.


Rogue Raiding: Warlord Zon’Ozz

If you ever played table tennis, aka Ping Pong, then you will have no trouble understanding the mechanics of this fight. The fight has fairly simple mechanics, all of which can be found in the Icy Veins guide *here* along with the overall strategy.

Now for the roguey bits:
The boss should start out turned towards the ranged so the ball is spawned between where the melee and ranged are usually, so be ready to position yourself at his back before the pull. You will have to rotate around after the spawn to get stacked with the other melee. Another big thing to remember is to save your main cooldowns for the Black phase of the boss because he will be taking increased damange.

The main damage in the Ping Pong phase will be when the ball hits your group. You can Cloak of Shadows the damage and feint will also reduce the amount of the AOE taking. Once it is time for the ball to hit the boss, you have a couple of options. The first is to just rotate around to stack on the tank and damage the boss from the front, although this will lower your dps slightly. Secondly, you can just rotate to his side that is farthest from the likely contact point and continue hitting him to your heart’s content (which is the choice a good rogue should always make).

After the Ping Pong Ball hits the boss, be ready to re-position yourself to wherever his back is when he moves to the center. This is the time to hit all your cooldowns and burn as much of his health as you can since he will be taking a substantial increase in damage proportional to the amount of times the ball was bounced. If your healers are having trouble keeping you up, popping Feint on its cooldown every time can help alleviate some stress by lowering your damage taken.
Repeat steps as necessary in order to wipe the floor with him.