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Rogue Reasoning: Definitions

Hey there, and welcome to another installation of Rogue Reasoning. This week I am going to cover a couple of definitions that i feel many players seem to use incorrectly.

Gank, Ganker, or Ganking:
This is probably the most common word used to describe a Rogue’s actions in PvP. Usually, people complain using this term when you come up and kill them while they are questing or just hanging around PvP flagged. I don’t know about my other rogue brothers, but in my opinion if I see a flagged Alliance or vice-versa, I will most likely attempt to kill it, regardless of grouped buddies or guards in the area.

Let me tell you something, if you are at max level and you are killed by another max level, it is not Ganking, it’s PvP. If you get killed while you are at low health after a fight, or while fighting other mobs, or even if they have 2-4 buddies, that is still not Ganking, it is strategy. As I have posted before about this, fighting fair is a misconception. There are no fair fights to be had in the open world, so one must stack the deck in their favor.

Ganking only applies when the killer is at least 3 levels higher than the deader at max level, or 5 levels higher while leveling (values are subjective, but those are my approximations). In this case, feel free to complain of being ganked.

Ah, ninja, the role model for the rogue. In feudal Japan, ninja were trained in espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination. They were the antithesis of the Samurai, who based combat on honor and respect. They did what had to be done in order to get the job done and win.

Sorry, tangent there, what I want to cover is what a Ninja is in Warcraft. With the new patch out, I have heard many complaints start up again about so called ninjas in PuGs. Let me start out by saying that my definition of Ninja dates back to Vanilla. Back then, a ninja would try to take every item or piece of gear he could to vendor or auction. Blizzard has made great strides since those days to cut back on this sort of problem and I feel that they have succeeded.

Let me put out my current definition of Ninja: One in a group who uses master loot in order to work around pre-stated or poorly worded loot rules.

What is not ninja: Needing for off spec in a Pug, needing on a BoE now (this is just stupid now that it goes soulbound in LFD)

This might surprise you rogues, since we are not on the taking end of off spec rolls since we only damage (but do it darn good), but I don’t label this ninja. Sure, I might be frustrated, but it is not the action of a ninja and I will not call it such. The only times I worry about ninja looting is when I Pug raids in current content or old world transmog runs now. Since I only ever go in guild or lead them myself (in the majority of cases), I have not called anyone a ninja except in praise for awesome roguish moves for a long time now.

In summary, please think twice before continuing the incorrect usage of these gaming terms as it dilutes the true nefariousness of these actions. Thank you for your time and please let me know your opinions as well in the comment section.


Battleground Queue now working with Real ID

Was just reading Cynwise’s blog and saw this news post;

Apparently you can now queue with your Real ID friends for BG’s, which is a welcome change in my opinion. Now the question is whether cross-realm raiding with your friends will be possible in the future.

What other features do you all hope to see come to the cross-realm grouping capability?

Here goes nothing…

Hi everyone and welcome to my attempted beginnings of a blog!

I am starting this blog after my realization that there is an apparent lack of active rogue blogs left floating around the web. I decided to try my hand at starting a blog myself to help entertain all my shadowy brothers who are bored while they lie in wait for their targets.

I plan on using this blog to talk about the rogue class in general, concerning PvP, PvE, and other rogue related matters. I will try to initially provide links to the current relevant rogue resources and materials to help out anyone who is looking for that stuff (I know that I use it a lot). I might even go into relevant events that transpire on my rogue as well.

To get started, I will tell you all a little about myself. I started playing WoW all the way back in Jan, 2006. WoW was my first foray into mmo’s and some friends on my hall encouraged me to try it out. Like the new player I was, the first character I rolled was a rogue. As some of you might know, back in the infancy of WoW, the rogue class was arguably the most popular to play at the time. Who didn’t want to be a sneaky, stabby ninja who could hide in plain sight?

Anyways, I hit level cap in a couple of months and got around to doing some of the instances and raids. I stuck with my rogue throughout the year, but with the difficulty of finding a spot on a crowded raiding squad with the overflow of rogues finally wore me down and I leveled up a hunter and started focusing on that character.

Fast forward to the fall of 2009… (big jump, I know)

After much raiding throughout Burning Crusade and my initial bits of Wrath of the Lich King, one of my good real-life friends convinced me to roll a new rogue with him to have some fun PvP-ing. At the time, my main was a Protection Paladin, but I decided to start up the rogue anyways. I created Koetsuji as an Undead Rogue on the Haomarush server right then, and little did I know how that act would affect how I played Warcraft.

As I was leveling, I began to fall back in love with being a rogue. Sneaking between patrols of mobs in a questing area just to sap the guard and steal treasure, Hitting vanish at 5 hp after taking out 9 of the 10 mobs you had on you, bandaging, then sneaking back to finish off the last one, and of course wreaking havoc on unsuspecting alliance who had the gall to think they could level in the same area as you. Needless to say, I started playing my rogue more and more as he approached level 80, and started to neglect my other characters.

Once I hit 80, I pulled out all the stops in order to gear my rogue. I ran regulars, heroics, quested, bought boe’s, ran BG’s until I didn’t think I could take one more round of the hate-spewing people found in the gutter that was battlegrounds at that time (not that it’s much better now). I was able to grab a spot on the raiding team fairly quickly in the guild I was in at the time,. Sadly, the guild lost some leadership just as ICC was released and attendance crumbled. Myself and 2 other of my good friends from the guild decided that we should try our hand at creating a guild and leading it ourselves. We formed with the intents of it being a small, 10 man casual raiding group.

But this blog is not about my guild, nor the many trials that it has gone through, so let’s fast forward again to the current state of things.

Quick summary: Took a break from January to June from WoW, came back, started raiding again, started writing blog, present.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let me just say that I hope that you all enjoy my writings and I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.