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Legendary Time Line

Taking a break from writing the step by step for the legendary to do some quick breakdown of how long each step will take.

To get first set of daggers, you must kill three bosses and pickpocket Hagara, then wait 12 hours and complete the first series of quests to get the first 2 daggers. After that you start collecting the gems from the legendary clusters. From analysis of the PTR, there is no difference in drop rate from regular to heroic that we know of.

You need 333 gems in total and a single cluster drops 5-9 crystals from PTR reports. The clusters drop at a rate of 1 per boss on 10 man and 2 per boss on 25. Taking an average of 7 gems, that would require 48 gems or 48 kills on 10 man and 24 kills on 25.

For this collection step, assuming your raid is considerate and lets you finish your quest before killing Hagara and the group starts downing all 8 bosses per week, it will take approximately 7 weeks to get the next set of daggers on 10 man and only 4 weeks on 25.

The next collection step requires 60 gem clusters in total. This will require 60 kills on 10 man and 30 on 25 which works out to about 7 more weeks on 10 man and 4 more weeks on 25, if your raid lets you get the net set of daggers without killing the extra bosses on the week you get the second set.

Of course, after this set, you must then kill Deathwing to finish the quest, which if your raid let you get the extra kills after you turned in quests, should be still I’ll possible the same week you finish the cluster collection.

So in total, it will take 14 weeks on 10 man and 8 weeks on 25 man to finish the quest line and get your legendaries AT MINIMUM!!!

This translates to us seeing the first legendaries the week of January 17th for 25 and the week of February 28th for 10 man.


How to: Get your Legendary Daggers! Part 1

As I am sure you all know, Rogues got some lovin’ in this patch in the way of legendary daggers. This guide is going to walk you through the quest line to get your daggers step buy step. I will be highlighting which parts require raid and which are just quests you have to complete on your own.

Step 1: In the beginning…. [Requires Raid]
The legendary quest starts right at the beginning of the Dragon Soul raid. Lord Afrasastrasz, who stands right at the entrance, has the quest, Proving Your Worth. This quest requires you to pickpocket a Cryptomancer’s Signet Ring from Hagara the Stormbinder.

Hagara just happens to be the fourth boss of the instance, so you will have to encourage your 10 or 25 man group to just push hard and kill those first three bosses to get started.

Hagara is hanging out in the Eye of Eternity which is reached through a portal at the top of Wyrmrest Temple in the raid. Be careful not to click on the pretty orb in the middle of the room before your group is prepared because, ahem, “IT’S A TRAP!!!” to quote Admiral Akhbar. Clicking on the orb will start a gauntlet of waves of different mobs to kill, 5 in total, with the last being a pseudo boss that will give you a taste of Hagara’s abilities. After all the waves are defeated, Hagara will lower herself into the center of the room.

After Hagara has become targetable, feel free to stealth on up to her and pickpocket.

The item can only be pickpocketed one at a time, but I found that it will respawn in her pocket after a wipe, so multiple rogues can get it in one lockout

Turn in the quest to Lord Afrasastrasz and pick up the next one, A Hidden Message.

Step 2: You got what was in her pocket, now you have to empty yours. [Solo]

The next step of the quest takes a bit of gold, and by a bit, I mean 10,000 gold. To charge the ring, you must go to an Etherereal in Orgrimmar, Thaumaturge Altha, who is located to the right just inside the door of the new Void Storage/Transmog/Reforge building. Simply speak to him, ask him to charge the ring, and pay him 10k to get started.

The ring takes 12 hours to charge, so I would suggest getting this step done right after your raid night ends or even hearth to org right after you get the item if your raid group won’t mind too much.

At one point on the PTR, you had to be online the whole 12 hours, but I have confirmed that the charging will now continue even while you are logged off.

Head on over to the Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands and hang out beside Corastrasza while you wait for your ring to charge. She will also give you the Singed Cipher that you will use the ring to decode. After the ring is charged, use it and you will get the item, Solved Cipher.

After you have solved it, talk to Corastrasza and get the next quest, To Ravenholdt.

Step 3: I had to eat a lot of cereal to get this darn decoder ring. [Solo]
You will be jumping onto Mostrasz’s back and flying to Ravenholdt. When you land, talk to Mostrasz and turn in the quest, then pick up the next one, To Catch a Thief.

After you have the quest, go stealth and you will see a red ring around you. This is your circle of detection, if any NPC is touched by the circle, you will be seen and have to start over at the entrance.

Make your way up to the keep then hang a right around the outside wall to the left of the training field. In the back you will find a coil of rope, use it to get to the top of the building. On top of the building, there will be a useable window to click on a bit forward and to the left of where you land. Once inside, go down the spiral staircase, jump up onto the railing and down into the middle of the room. Sidle down into the basement and you will be treated to a nice little cutscene where you meet little Wrathion.

Turn in your quest to him and then pick up the next one, Our Man in Gilneas.

Next step gets its own post, which should be up soon.