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Rogue Reasoning: Entitlement

Rogue reasoning is going to be my first attempt at a weekly feature, in which I will be giving my opinion on some rogue related issue from a rogue perspective.

en·ti·tle·ment noun \-ˈtī-təl-mənt\
Definition of ENTITLEMENT
1a : the state or condition of being entitled : right b : a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract
2: a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program
3: belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

Throughout my time playing Warcraft for the past six years, I have seen many examples of players raging, cursing and complaining about many different things, and the root cause of the majority of these issues can be whittled down to their sense of entitlement. I am not saying I am innocent of this, far from it, but it is still the basis of problems within a MMO culture.

Entitlement is a tricky little thing in that a Utopian society can sustain each individual’s desires. Unfortunately, World of Warcraft is far from Utopia. Much like the real world, there is a lack of resources to meet every single person’s needs, which creates a sense of competition. It is a simple fact that in this sort of environment, the survival of the fittest is the only rule in play.

I am sure you can think of a time that you were on a quest to loot some object and as you fought off the NPC guarding the item, some other person walked up and looted it while you were busy and then walked away. How about back when there were outdoor bosses and your raid had them down to 10% and were suddenly attacked by a cross faction group who stole your kill?

These are all examples of times when our anger stems from our sense of entitlement.

Now in WoW, we band together into groups, raids and guilds in which we give up certain things (split xp, gold, etc.) in order to gain better rewards, which is how society works in the out of game world as well. Blizzards limits competition by allowing rewards to be instanced and meted out by points which are individually gained, but what about the items out in the world that are free to all who chance upon them?

As a rogue, you are at a significant advantage when it comes to completing objectives out in the wilderness of Warcraft. Stealth in and of itself allows us to scout out situations, get the drop on our foes, and set up 0% failure scenarios. It’s a wonderful thing and one of the reasons I love being a rogue. This is also one of the reasons we are probably the most despised classes in the game. The sad truth that we must realize is that Blizzard designed a rogue with this play style in mind. Do what you must to win, if you cannot beat them head on, wait for them to be unprepared, wait for them to be weaker, wait for them to lose focus.

Rogues must learn patience and timing in order to be effective, and there is no better teacher than trial and error. Sometimes we have to fight dirty to win, letting our opponent get low on health before attacking or waiting until he is in another fight to make our move. Morally, these actions can get dicey, but Rogues are not meant to stand toe to toe and win, we use our abilities to set up victories.

Sadly, when we are in competition with someone, there must always be a loser. It is my opinion that the practice of rewarding failure is demeaning and makes an individual worse and not better. There needs to be a drive to push yourself to get better, to improve, and if you can get the same rewards doing 1/2 the work, why should anyone go 100%? Failure is the best teacher mainly due to the fact that you are less likely to forget your failings when they result in disappointing your sense of entitlement.

To summarize,
In a game played by millions, with each person working to complete their own objectives, what are you truly entitled to?

Answer: you are entitled to complete any action in game that is within your power, as long as you are able to outplay, outwit, or outmaneuver any other person competing towards the same or a opposite goal.


Complaining about your failure does nothing. Instead, find out why you lost and work towards never letting it happen again.


Legendary Time Line

Taking a break from writing the step by step for the legendary to do some quick breakdown of how long each step will take.

To get first set of daggers, you must kill three bosses and pickpocket Hagara, then wait 12 hours and complete the first series of quests to get the first 2 daggers. After that you start collecting the gems from the legendary clusters. From analysis of the PTR, there is no difference in drop rate from regular to heroic that we know of.

You need 333 gems in total and a single cluster drops 5-9 crystals from PTR reports. The clusters drop at a rate of 1 per boss on 10 man and 2 per boss on 25. Taking an average of 7 gems, that would require 48 gems or 48 kills on 10 man and 24 kills on 25.

For this collection step, assuming your raid is considerate and lets you finish your quest before killing Hagara and the group starts downing all 8 bosses per week, it will take approximately 7 weeks to get the next set of daggers on 10 man and only 4 weeks on 25.

The next collection step requires 60 gem clusters in total. This will require 60 kills on 10 man and 30 on 25 which works out to about 7 more weeks on 10 man and 4 more weeks on 25, if your raid lets you get the net set of daggers without killing the extra bosses on the week you get the second set.

Of course, after this set, you must then kill Deathwing to finish the quest, which if your raid let you get the extra kills after you turned in quests, should be still I’ll possible the same week you finish the cluster collection.

So in total, it will take 14 weeks on 10 man and 8 weeks on 25 man to finish the quest line and get your legendaries AT MINIMUM!!!

This translates to us seeing the first legendaries the week of January 17th for 25 and the week of February 28th for 10 man.

It’s Costume Party Time in Patch 4.3

With 4.3 dropping yesterday, many guilds jumped straight into Dragon Soul to start killing the brand new bosses.

As with any new patch, I spent most of my initial time with updating and fixing my add ons and interface. After that, it was straight to void storage and transmogrification!

Void storage is a godsend for me, as I am sure it is for many of you. As a follower of the motto “be prepared” my bags are constantly full of engineering items, fishing, teleport items, PVP gear, raid buff items, and the other detritus that a rogue might have need for throughout a day of WoW. My bank has also been holding at a steady 5 empty slots for the last couple of months, so tossing gear sets into Void storage finally gave me some breathing room. Void storage works fairly simply, 80 slots, 100 g to unlock, 25 g per item deposited, free to withdraw, only soulbound and non unique items allowed. All gear loses any enchants, gems, or other modifications when it goes in as well.

Now transmog, I am not going into too much detail on the mechanics behind it, but I am sure many of my fellow rogues have been busy the last few months gathering gear after it was announced. Out of the many gear sets I have collected, I decided to use the T6 set with Illidan’s Blindfold, Bloodbathed Bludgeon from ToC, Fang of Oblivion from Ulduar.

I would invite any of you to post your Mog choices in the comments section.

Next post will deal with Dragon Soul Bosses and the Rogue Legendary.

Rogue Database and Links

As my first order of business in getting this blog going is to put up my list of the Rogue resources I use myself.

PVE Links:

Elitist Jerks- Rogue Forum
-Great resource for Boss Mechanic discussions. People will talk about specific tricks and tips for boss fights that we can use to improve our performance.

Shadowcraft Spreadsheet
-Amazing spreadsheet put together by some EJ forum members. Lets you load your character from Armory and optimize gems and reforges. Also shows you projected DPS and gear upgrades as well.

PVP Links:
Arena Junkies – Rogue Forum

Wow Insider Rogue Blog
-Weekly rogue posts from the WoW Insider team’s rogue columnist.

Official WoW Rogue Forums
-Has a few stickies that can be very useful

Here goes nothing…

Hi everyone and welcome to my attempted beginnings of a blog!

I am starting this blog after my realization that there is an apparent lack of active rogue blogs left floating around the web. I decided to try my hand at starting a blog myself to help entertain all my shadowy brothers who are bored while they lie in wait for their targets.

I plan on using this blog to talk about the rogue class in general, concerning PvP, PvE, and other rogue related matters. I will try to initially provide links to the current relevant rogue resources and materials to help out anyone who is looking for that stuff (I know that I use it a lot). I might even go into relevant events that transpire on my rogue as well.

To get started, I will tell you all a little about myself. I started playing WoW all the way back in Jan, 2006. WoW was my first foray into mmo’s and some friends on my hall encouraged me to try it out. Like the new player I was, the first character I rolled was a rogue. As some of you might know, back in the infancy of WoW, the rogue class was arguably the most popular to play at the time. Who didn’t want to be a sneaky, stabby ninja who could hide in plain sight?

Anyways, I hit level cap in a couple of months and got around to doing some of the instances and raids. I stuck with my rogue throughout the year, but with the difficulty of finding a spot on a crowded raiding squad with the overflow of rogues finally wore me down and I leveled up a hunter and started focusing on that character.

Fast forward to the fall of 2009… (big jump, I know)

After much raiding throughout Burning Crusade and my initial bits of Wrath of the Lich King, one of my good real-life friends convinced me to roll a new rogue with him to have some fun PvP-ing. At the time, my main was a Protection Paladin, but I decided to start up the rogue anyways. I created Koetsuji as an Undead Rogue on the Haomarush server right then, and little did I know how that act would affect how I played Warcraft.

As I was leveling, I began to fall back in love with being a rogue. Sneaking between patrols of mobs in a questing area just to sap the guard and steal treasure, Hitting vanish at 5 hp after taking out 9 of the 10 mobs you had on you, bandaging, then sneaking back to finish off the last one, and of course wreaking havoc on unsuspecting alliance who had the gall to think they could level in the same area as you. Needless to say, I started playing my rogue more and more as he approached level 80, and started to neglect my other characters.

Once I hit 80, I pulled out all the stops in order to gear my rogue. I ran regulars, heroics, quested, bought boe’s, ran BG’s until I didn’t think I could take one more round of the hate-spewing people found in the gutter that was battlegrounds at that time (not that it’s much better now). I was able to grab a spot on the raiding team fairly quickly in the guild I was in at the time,. Sadly, the guild lost some leadership just as ICC was released and attendance crumbled. Myself and 2 other of my good friends from the guild decided that we should try our hand at creating a guild and leading it ourselves. We formed with the intents of it being a small, 10 man casual raiding group.

But this blog is not about my guild, nor the many trials that it has gone through, so let’s fast forward again to the current state of things.

Quick summary: Took a break from January to June from WoW, came back, started raiding again, started writing blog, present.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let me just say that I hope that you all enjoy my writings and I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.