Rogue Raiding: Hagara the Stormbinder

If you are just starting the legendary quest, you will be very happy for your first pull of this boss. Just make sure to pickpocket her before the fight and don’t worry about the other rogues in your group, her pockets currently reset after 5 minutes or a wipe, which is plenty of time to get all your rogue brother’s a ring as well. Overall abilities and strategy are available for viewing *here*.

The fight has three phases in essence. Phase one or the “Main Phase” consists of her standing in the middle and a basic spank and tank mechanic. I would suggest that rogues save their cooldowns until after a phase shift back into the Main Phase because she takes 100% increased damage for a short time. The other things a rogue needs to worry about in this phase are Ice Tombs, which work like Sindragosa’s in that they must be broken open to save your buddies, but they do not spread to nearby players. In most cases, your raid will have the ice tomb targets stack near the boss so they can be cleaved down quickly while still damaging the boss. In this case, Blade Flurry excels for combat rogues and FoK does wonders for Assassination (sorry sub, better stick with either focusing one at a time or stay on the boss and let your raid members do the breaking).

Phase two is actually two alternating scenarios covered here:

The first of the two  is her Ice Phase, in which she forms a bubble around herself and the middle area of the stage and sets two rotating Ice Crystal walls spanning the diameter of the stage in a clockwise manner. She will also be shooting Ice Crashes that will hit wherever there is a blue circle on the ground. To get her out of this phase, your raid must destroy the four Crystals spaced around the stage.

The second of the two phases is the Lightning Phase. In this phase, there are 4 conductors in the same places as the crystals were and 1 lightning add. Your raid needs to kill the lightning add near one conductor to short it out, then form a chain to spread the lightning all the way to the other 3 conductors. There is also a periodic lightning damage spell going out constantly as AOE.

For rogues:
Ice Phase: Sprint to get to a crystal asap when she goes into the phase and watch for where the Ice Walls are spawning. Be warned that the animation for the Ice wall is SMALLER than the actual area of affect so give it some extra room. Your main goal here is to get to a crystal right behind the leading Ice Wall and unload on it before having to move on. Not much specifically here for rogues besides using sprint when you fall behind, but please make sure not to tunnel vision and die. When there is only one crystal left, you should save Sprint or Shadowstep to use in order to get to the boss quickly, because she will be taking increased damage for a short time.

Lightning Phase: Let your tank pick up the add and then dps it down hard as only a rogue can. You can use feint to lower your AOE damage taken and Cloak can be used to resist all damage for its duration in this phase. After the add is down, help with the lightning chain, but be ready to use Sprint or Shadowstep to get to the boss as soon as the last conductor is down to maximize your uptime on the boss while she is weakened.

Rogue Loot: Will be added shortly


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