How to: Get your Legendary! Part 2

Well, I was talking to some guys over at MMO-Melting Pot and they pointed me to their in-depth guide about the Legendary Daggers. In the interest of efficiency, I see no reason into putting my time into a step by step walkthrough that has already been done very well. The link to their guide can be found below:

MMO-Melting Pot Legendary Dagger Step by Step Guide

As for my contribution, I am going to focus going through each step of the specific quests when going about getting your awesome and dangerous Daggers.

This first map will give you a rough estimate for sneaking through to Ravenholdt Manor. Just follow the green line to the coil of rope in the back and jump in the open window. Watch out for the standing guards (dots) and the patrols that follow the arrow paths. You can use Distract and Sap to slow and incapacitate the guards, and Sapped guards will not alarm when they are inside your circle.

Not to scale very well, but quick hand drawings from memory aren't great.

This second map is a bit more detailed and will get you to Creed for Assassin’s Creed, I mean Assassinate Creed. Same sort of Legend as before, the Crown in the Military District is Creed.

A video of the sneak through to Creed can be found here, helpfully made back on the PTR by Method.

Next part will go over the Gilneas portion of the quest and the initial gem cluster gathering.


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  1. Glad to hear it, lol. The Gilneas one was easier because I could eyeball the city map in game. Ravenholdt was mostly from memory of my own walk through it.

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