It’s Costume Party Time in Patch 4.3

With 4.3 dropping yesterday, many guilds jumped straight into Dragon Soul to start killing the brand new bosses.

As with any new patch, I spent most of my initial time with updating and fixing my add ons and interface. After that, it was straight to void storage and transmogrification!

Void storage is a godsend for me, as I am sure it is for many of you. As a follower of the motto “be prepared” my bags are constantly full of engineering items, fishing, teleport items, PVP gear, raid buff items, and the other detritus that a rogue might have need for throughout a day of WoW. My bank has also been holding at a steady 5 empty slots for the last couple of months, so tossing gear sets into Void storage finally gave me some breathing room. Void storage works fairly simply, 80 slots, 100 g to unlock, 25 g per item deposited, free to withdraw, only soulbound and non unique items allowed. All gear loses any enchants, gems, or other modifications when it goes in as well.

Now transmog, I am not going into too much detail on the mechanics behind it, but I am sure many of my fellow rogues have been busy the last few months gathering gear after it was announced. Out of the many gear sets I have collected, I decided to use the T6 set with Illidan’s Blindfold, Bloodbathed Bludgeon from ToC, Fang of Oblivion from Ulduar.

I would invite any of you to post your Mog choices in the comments section.

Next post will deal with Dragon Soul Bosses and the Rogue Legendary.


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